General / 21 October 2020

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that you don't see here, please let me know!

1. Are you available for work?
Please send me an email with the details and I'll let you know my availability. 

2. Do you accept commissions?
Yes! Please be aware that I receive a lot of commissions, so I may need to add you to a waiting list!

3. Can I use your artwork?
Example: For cover art,  game icons, profile images, websites, banners, YouTube videos, etc.
No, sorry! All of my work is already copyrighted so you'll need to purchase an existing artwork or commission a custom one. Please message me with the details if you're interested.

4. Do you work for royalties / percentages / shared profit?
Example: Sale profits, sale percentages, product royalties, etc.
I don't create new work on the basis of being paid in royalties, but I can offer existing personal artwork to be sold for royalties, in which case please send me an email.

5. Can I repost your artwork?
Preferably, no. You can only repost my art on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin or Steam BUT you must credit me (with functioning link) in the image or description! @shellz_art or shellz-art.com please and thank you. If my work is posted elsewhere it will be reported and removed. Do not use, edit, sell or reproduce my work without prior written consent. 

6. Do you accept requests?
No, sorry! Sadly I don't have time to draw all the requests I get! 

7. Can I ask for advice?
Yes, of course! You are always welcome to ask me for some feedback on your artwork, help you with certain topics or ask for a critique.

8. Where are you most active?
Instagram and Artstation! My website and Facebook page are regularly updated, and you can also find me on Deviantart and my Youtube channel!

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