The Bunny of the Ombawaybop Tree

Finally, I finished the painting of the little bunny! He is a magical Witch Doctor who lives up the huge Ombawaybop Tree. I used my Reckless Deck cards to create a few concepts before choosing a final design for Inktober.
I printed out the drawing, traced it onto a canvas and used gouache, acrylics and watercolour paints. I hope you like!

Shellz art the bunny of the ombawaybop tree s
Shellz art 1 reckless deck cards

Reckless Deck prompt cards

Shellz art 2 bunny concepts

Character Concept Art

Shellz art 3 inktober day 27 coat

Inktober Drawing

Shellz art 6 print out

Printed and traced onto canvas

Shellz art 7 bunny colour test

Colour Test

Shellz art 8 wip 1

Watercolour Base

Shellz art 8 wip 2

Acrylics build-up

Shellz art 8 wip 3

Render in gouache

Shellz art 8 wip 4

Finishing touches - ink!