Humphrey & Friends ©

"Humphrey and Friends" is a project that is very close to my heart.
It all started off as a comic book, first created over 10 years ago on a small island in the West Indies. Along with my fellow sailors and travelling companions, we created "Humphrey" - a large black and white penguin that lives in the West Pole. The only thing that makes this seemingly normal penguin so unique and interesting is that the entire West Pole consists of only very small, brightly coloured penguins. Humphrey is the only black and white penguin and towers over everyone else at 6ft tall. And he can only say "Humph."

He has 5 very close but incredibly stupid friends; Strawbs, Flippy, Slippy, Stew and Cranx. Together Humphrey and his friends travel the West Pole in search of mischief, fun and a whole lot of unnecessary danger.

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