Too Hot For This Sh**

Hey guys, I'm back from the most stupendous road trip ever and I'm now feeling very inspired (even more so than before I left). So expect lots of paintings! :D This particular piece was inspired by the road trip and Mad Max - Fury Road. She had to pull over due to some gearbox problems and try to fix it, but really it's just too hot. The desert isn't the best place to be, especially with a dust storm incoming.

This was a bit of a colour experiment, pushing the values as much as possible. It first started off as a quick sketch on paper, which turned into an inked line-art before being transferred over to Photoshop. Process video on Youtube.

Shellz art too hot for this sh t 26

Mini Digital Painting Time-lapse | Too Hot For This Sh**

Shellz art too hot for this sh t censored sig

Censored Version