A Unique Destiny

(◕‿◕) Happy New Year! For my first painting of 2020, I present to you a commission featuring custom armour from "Destiny 2", Krito's Sword from "Sword Art Online", 2 fluffy cats playing with a Ghost Shell and plenty of other easter eggs. I hope you enjoy the painting process!
Do you want a custom illustration too? Just send me an email or use the contact button!

● Destiny 2 Warlock ●
Main Armour: Bird of Prey
Colour/Shader Theme: Precursor Vex Chrome
Helmet: Warlock Iron Truage Hood Helmet
Chest: Gunsmith’s Devotion Robes
Lower Legs: Transversive Steps Dead Orbits Fate
Sword: Kirito’s Sword from Sword Art Online

Shellz art karl s destiny signed

Painting Time-lapse | ▪ A Unique Destiny ▪ (Custom Destiny Commission!)

Shellz art 1 thumbnail concepts

Thumbnail Sketches