Makuzoku and I have joined forces once again to bring you - Baghera!
Baghera is an original character from Makuzoku's popular manga "Sangria", which he is bringing back to life with a complete reboot!

He created a wonderful ink drawing of Baghera using Deleter inks and pens, which I scanned into Photoshop. I then applied a colour base to the drawing before I started rendering everything. Once the highlights and textures were in place, I added some ambient occlusion effects and some fiery embers to finish the piece off. Makuzoku reviewed the image and I made a few tweaks here and there to get it to his liking.
The process video is now on Youtube, I hope you like!

Shellz art baghera wip 18

Version 1

Painting Time-Lapse | Baghera (Collab with Makuzoku!)

Shellz art baghera wip 19 max

Version 2

Shellz art baghera wip 1

Original Ink Drawing by Makuzoku